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Raw Black Glass Tip

$5.99 CAD
Features: Colour: Black (black colour hides the residue) Build: Glass Perfect for joints

Raw Cone Bro/Joint Holder

$9.99 CAD
Features: Tip that goes on the outside of a cone instead of the inside and works with both pre-rolled cones

Raw Filters

$3.99 CAD
Features Natural Cotton Filter 200 Filters per Pack

Raw Tips

$1.99 CAD
Features: Raw Tips 50 Tips per pack

Raw Tips Extra Wide Perforated

$1.99 CAD
Features: 50 tips per pack Chemical and Chlorine Free Extra Wide and Perforated Tips

Raw Tips Original

$1.99 CAD
Features: 50 Tips/Pack Chlorine and Chemical Free

Raw Tips Pre Rolled

$1.99 CAD
Features 21 pre-rolled tips per pack Chemical and chlorine free

Raw Tips Prerolled 200

$12.99 CAD
Features: 200 non bleached Raw tips Pre-rolled

RedEye Glass Tip

$7.99 CAD
Features Glass tip to be inserted into joint Reusable Comes with hard carrying case Authentic Cheech and Chong Glass Tip

Swan Filters

$3.99 CAD
Features: 200 filters per pack Size: Regular