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Gear Premium Glass Cleaner

Features: Scrubbing crystals makes quick work of the dirtiest water pipes, hand pipes and smoking accessories Works best when mixed

Orange Chronic Cleaner

Features: The best solution to clean all your glass. No scrubbing required No after taste or smell Easy to use,

PSP Isopropyl

Features: 70% or 99% ISO Alcohol 500ml bottle Works well to help unclog resin from clogged glass pipes

Purple Power 710

  • Size: 473ml
  • Specifically designed for concentrate accessories and utensils
  • For best results rinse with hot water

Purple Power Cleaner

Features: Safe for all glass products. Just add salt. No scrubbing required. Size: 473ml Directions: Shake Bottle Place item into

Red Eye Glass Cleaner

Features: Cleans: water pipes, hand pipes, hookahs, grinders, ashtrays and other smoking related accessories. Special cleaning crystals will break down

Resin Demon Cleaner

Features: Resin Demon glass, pipe and bong cleaner Non Iso formula that leaves zero residue and no after taste Biodegradable