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Raw Roller

Raw Rolling Machine

$7.99 CAD$8.99 CAD
Features:  Effortlessly roll your on herbs Perfect roll every-time Size: 1.25″, Single Wide (Zig Zag size) & King Size

Zen Cigarette Shooter

$9.99 CAD
Features: Zen Cigarette Shooters work seamlessly with cigarette tubes in North America Designed to avoid jams so can efficiently and

Air Tight Vac

$7.99 CAD$25.99 CAD
Features: Vacuum seal closure system Keeps your goods dry and oxygen free Can store in refrigerator or freezer Hand wash

Angel DIY Gummy Kit

$33.99 CAD
Features: Make your own gummy edibles at home. MELT. MIX. MOLD. It’s that easy. Everything you need to make your

Bear Mace Repellant Spray

$69.99 CAD
Features: Non-lethal deterrent spray Fires for approximately 8 seconds Range is roughly 8 m (25′) Active ingredient is 1% capsaicin

Blazer Big Buddy Torch

$59.99 CAD
Features: 2500F turbo torch flame Butane refillable 60 minutes of continuous burn time Child-resistant trigger mechanism for safety Light weight

Blazer Big Shot GT 8000

$99.99 CAD
Features: Anti-Flare Butane Refillable Torch 35 minutes of high grade 2500ºF burn time on a full tank Piezo crystal instant

Blue Flame Butane – Instore Only

$7.99 CAD$80.99 CAD
Features 100% Made in the USA to higher standards than Korean brands Triple Refined and 11X Filtered ZERO Mystery Oils


$5.99 CAD
Features Patent 2-way 62% humidity control pack For use in small containers Lasts 2-4 months depending on conditions Replace when Boveda turns

Boveda 8 Gram – 10 Pack

$2.99 CAD$22.99 CAD
Features: 8 Grams per 1 Pack 10 Packs in one Package

Clipper Butane – Instore Only

$5.49 CAD$55.00 CAD
Features 3 Times Distilled Near Zero Impurities Perfect For High Yield Honey Oil Extraction Contents Sold as Single Can Sold