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Focus V Aeris Battery

$99.99 CAD
Features: Our Removable Battery system ensures you’re always able to power up. Grab an extra battery to keep on going.

Focus V CARTA 2 Dry Herb Atomizer

$49.99 CAD
Features: Atomizer To Use With Herb Not To Be Used With Concentrates Compatible with Focus V Carta 2 only

Focus V Carta 2 Glass Top

$45.99 CAD
Features: Replacement glass for: Focus v Carta 2 & Focus v Carta 1 Simple yet sophisticated attachment has been fine
Focus V Carta 2 Oil

Focus V Carta 2/Aeris Intelli Core for Oil

$79.99 CAD
Features: Intelli-Core™ Technology Quartz-Coated Ceramic Bucket 6 Month Warranty Only compatible with CARTA 2 & Focus Aeries Device

Focus V Carta Atomizer

$35.99 CAD$45.99 CAD
Two Types: Concentrate Atomizer or Dry Herb Atomizer Fits on Focus V Carta Only

Focus V Carta Battery

$29.99 CAD
Features: 2 batteries per pack Compatible with Focus V Carta OEM