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Crafty Vaporizer Cooling Unit

$34.99 CAD
Contents: 1 x CRAFTY Cooling Unit (#TV226-8)

Dosing Capsule Set, 40 pcs

$29.99 CAD
Features: 40 replacement dosing capsules for Mighty and Crafty

Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules

$14.99 CAD
Contents 8 x dosing capsules 1 x dosing magazine

Mighty Car Adapter

$49.99 CAD
Contents: 1 x Car Adapter Charger for Mighty

Mighty or Crafty Mouthpiece Replacement

$19.99 CAD
Features: Set of mouthpieces for the Mighty cooling units for less cleaning and maintenance. Contents: 4 x mouthpieces per package

Mighty Power Adapter

$39.99 CAD
Contents 1x Power Adapter 110 Volt

Mighty Vaporizer Cooling Unit

$34.99 CAD
Features: 1 x Mighty Vaporizer Cooling Unit

Mighty/Crafty Vaporizer Screen Set

$9.99 CAD
Contents: 4 x Upper Screen with coarse mesh width (approx. 15 mm) 2 x Lower Screen with regular mesh width
Vaporizer Seal Ring Set

Mighty/Crafty Vaporizer Seal Ring Set

$12.99 CAD
Features: Ring replacement set for Mighty or Crafty

Volcano Bag

$11.99 CAD
3 bags per box Price available in store

Volcano Easy Valve Balloon

$39.99 CAD
Features: On the Balloon with Adapter new balloons can be pulled over like on the SOLID VALVE before.

Volcano Easy Valve Normal Screen Set

$15.99 CAD
Features: Set of 6 Normal Screens for the EASY VALVE Filling Chamber Reducer.